Rocky Mountain Fire

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Communities we serve

Eldorado Springs

The Eldorado Springs Community sits on the Southwestern edge of the District.  It is called home by families who originally settled in the area and people who visited, fell in love and decided to stay.  The town itself sits at the gateway to Eldorado Springs State Park.  Located in town is a local favorite the Eldorado Springs pool.  The pool is filled from the Eldorado Artesian Spring, more commonly known by bottled water enthusiasts.  The town itself has many interesting pieces of history including visits from Teddy Roosevelt and tight rope walking by Ivy Baldwin.  Today locals utilize the town and the surrounding open space properties as a launching point for the many hiking, mountain biking, and running trails in the area. 

The Town of Marshall neighbors the Town of Eldorado Springs to the West and the City of Boulder to the North.  It is comprised of farming, ranching, and small neighborhoods.  The area was originally settled by miners, but now is home to ranchers and those who enjoy living with the scenic Flatirons in the backdrop. 


Rocky Mountain Fire also serves the Town of Superior.  The town was named after the “Superior” coal that was mined here.  Once the mines closed, it became home to ranching and farming families.  Original Superior was home to approximately 250 residents until a housing boom in the late 80’s that continues today.  The boom pushed the population to approximately 12,000 people over the last two decades.  The Town of Superior has not just grown in residential neighborhoods, it has also experienced significant commercial development including grocery stores and retail shopping.

Other Areas We Serve

Not all of Rocky Mountain Fire District is located within municipalities.  A large portion of the District lies within unincorporated Boulder County.  Included in the ”North” half of the District are several subdivisions, including but not limited to Pal Nor, White Hawk Ranch, Westview Estates, Fairview Estates, Spanish Hills, Paragon Estates, Ertl Farms, Park Lake, Fox Hollow, and several others. While the North half of the District is comprised primarily of open space, trails, ranches, and farms, it also encompasses the XCEL coal plant located on the Western edge of Boulder and several schools. 

On the Western edge of the District nestled behind the picturesque flatirons is the Flagstaff community.  This area was ranched by the Walkers and the Kosslers in the early 1900’s.  Today much of their land has been dedicated to open space trails and conservation.   Portions of their land have been developed, and now hold approximately 100 residences.