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+ How Do I Report A Fire Hazard?

To report a fire hazard, please call our Fire Marshal at 720-881-6527 or email

+ What Fireworks Can I Buy?

Please follow the link below to see the offical regulations in Boulder County. Per this website, "If it flies or explodes, it is illegal in Boulder County."

For offical regulations in the town of Superior, see the link below. Per this website, "It is unlawful for any person within the town to sell, offer for sale or possess with intent to offer for sale, or to use or explode any fireworks or pyrotechnic special effects material."

+ Can I Have A Bonfire?

In the town of Superior, you may have a bonfire only if the open fire is contained in a town-installed fire pit or grill OR a fire pit, grill or chiminea on private property.

In unincorporated Boulder County, you can have a bonfire. A fire used for non-commercial cooking of food for human consumption (barbecues, gas stoves, charcoal fires), for instructional or, for recreational purposes (campfires on private lands) can occur in unincorporated Boulder County without a permit.

+ Can I Burn Trash Or Construction Debris?

No, you cannot. The following items CANNOT BE BURNED in Boulder County, with or without a permit:

  • Material that is wet
  • Material that is full of dirt or soil
  • Trash or garbage
  • Buildings
  • Construction debris
  • Commercial or business waste
  • Lumber, even if it is unpainted and untreated
  • Hazardous materials, including treated wood
  • Non-wood waste (tires, insulation, plastics, etc.)
  • Animal carcasses
  • Leaf piles and lawn clippings
  • Food waste
  • Stumps
  • Branches larger than 6” in diameter
  • Tree trunks (greater than 6” diameter)

+ Can I Ride On A Firetruck?

Citizen ride-alongs are available and should be requested by calling 303.494.3735 or emailing for more details and information. Citizens may only ride along once per quarter per person.

+ Can I Schedule A Car Seat Installation/Inspection?

Car seat installations and inspections are by appointment to guarantee the availability of a technician.

If you would like to arrange a child safety seat inspection, please email or call 303-494-3735.

For Colorado Specific information go to

+ How Do I Maintain My Smoke Detector?

According to industry standards smoke alarms should be replaced every 87,000 hours, or about 10 years. In addition, carbon monoxide alarms should be replaced every five years. Both detectors will alarm continuously at their end of service, even after a battery change. If a homeowner is unsure of how old a fire alarm is, every alarm has a manufacture date on the back.

Keeping smoke detectors in good condition is easy. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Be sure to replace the batteries every year or as needed. Most models will make a chirping, popping, or beeping sound when the battery is losing its charge. When this sound is heard, install a fresh battery, preferably an alkaline type. It may take 15 minutes for a low battery alarm to stop chirping. Check the smoke detector every 30 days by releasing smoke or pushing the test button. Clean the detector face and grillwork often to remove dust and grease. Never paint a smoke detector as it will hamper its function. Check your detector if you've been away from home.

+ Can I Get An Open Burning Permit?

You can only obtain a permit for open burning in unincorporated Boulder County by following this link. Boulder County Regulations and Permitting Process