Rocky Mountain Fire

A constantly evolving, customer-centric public service agency with the capacity to endure for life.

At The Firehouse, an article from the Superior Newsletter

Firefighters.  The word brings to mind visions of firetrucks, fires, fire hydrants, and car accidents.  Being a part of Superior has afforded Rocky Mountain Fire the opportunity to be more than just emergency responders.  We host birthday parties, open our training rooms to community meetings, attend block parties, and install children’s car seats.  Our firefighters take pride in cooking chili for the Chili Fest, driving the truck in the 4th of July parade, and raising the flag while flipping pancakes.  In short, we take pride in giving back to the community that has steadfastly supported us.

            While some of our employees live in the Town of Superior, most of us consider it our second home.  We enjoy teaching fire prevention in the schools, working in partnership with businesses to provide a safe environment for customers while protecting their investment from fire, and working with HOAs to foster safe communities within the Town.  From assisting with batteries in smoke detectors to reading books at the park, we are here to serve you.  Being a firefighter for Rocky Mountain Fire means being a neighbor, a community member, and an emergency responder.  To learn more about Rocky Mountain Fire and the services we provide visit

Other services not listed above

·         Fire extinguisher training

·         Provide Vials of Life for seniors and individuals with extenuating medical needs- these vials alert responders and provide quick easy medical history and medication lists for emergency responders

·         Fire station tours