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Space Heaters and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

In with the new and out with the old.  Starting with your dry and dead Christmas tree.  Please use proper sources for Christmas tree recycling and don’t leave it sitting beside your home. 

If temperatures take a nose dive, be certain to leave your thermostat above 50 degrees and do not use your oven to heat your home.  If you are adding heat with a space heater, keep it a minimum of 36 inches from combustibles and don’t leave it on overnight or when you leave the house.  Do not use extension cords to extend the reach of your space heater. Heaters draw many amps and can easily exceed the rating of residential extension cords and cause an electrical fire. 

With the furnace working overtime in the months of January and February it’s a great time to be certain you have working Carbon monoxide detectors.

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Happy New Year!