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Thin Ice and Hydrant Snow Removal

Annual Ice Rescue Training

Annual Ice Rescue Training

The warming trends of late winter make the ice particularly weak this time of year.  The only safe ice is at an ice rink, please skate there. Last month the news posted several stories about dog rescues off icy ponds and lakes.  STAY OFF THE ICE! Keep your pets on leash and if they do manage to slip their lead and chase after wildlife onto the ice and fall in, don’t go after them.  Call 911, we will come fully suited up and go out to rescue your pet.  If you go out on the ice and fall through as well, you will be rescued before your pet, putting your pet’s life in further danger.  If you have children; please remind them to stay off the ice.  Your warning may save their life.  

Winter’s not over yet.  Despite some warm windy days, Colorado is entering its snowiest months of the year. If you have a hydrant in your front yard; please don’t bury it. Shovel the snow away from the base, brush off the top and ensure we can see it from the street.  If you can keep your sidewalks and driveway, clear of snow and ice we are able to access you quicker during an emergency; not to mention it is safer for your family and guests to enter and exit your home.  In the final months of winter take the time to help us help you.